Welcome to West Wings


It all starts with a design...

Most of our models have been designed in house, drawing on the extensive experience our staff have gained from ‘hands-on’ modelling over many years. Twenty plus years ago our plans were painstakingly drawn with pen and ink, unthinkable now that Computer Aided Design has long since become the norm.



Our free flight models are mostly of  ‘stick and tissue’ construction, some are made using traditional printed wood sheets, that the modeller has to cut out, others have all the parts pre-cut, either band sawn or die-cut, making them ideal for beginners, and to bring things right up to date, others are pre-cut using Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) routers or lasers.

All our Radio Controlled models have the parts cut by CNC routers or lasers, making the building process quick and very accurate.

Before launching a design on the market we build and fly prototype models. At this stage we try to ensure that all the parts fit together properly and that the plans are as clear as we can make them. We iron out any glitches before proceeding further.



With CAD drawings and CNC cutting you can readily appreciate how accurate our kits are. This, we hope, gives you, the modeller, every chance to produce a model that you will be pleased with, both in construction and in flying.

This ‘integrated’ process also allows us to swiftly implement any improvements required. For example all of our electric powered R/C models have been updated to accept brushless motors.

Quality in the box...

We try to ensure that the best possible quality goes into all our boxes.



We design, print, CNC and die-cut balsa, birch ply and liteply and make all our own vac-formings in house. We print the large Radio Control plans in house and the smaller plans, labels, decals and boxes are all produced specifically for us in the West Country, within a few miles of our factory. In fact the only items in our kits not produced in the UK are propellers from Europe and Japan and flight quality rubber specially imported from the USA.

Unfortunately balsa wood, being a tropical tree, does not grow in Europe (except for one tree at the Eden Project in Cornwall!) therefore we have to source it from managed and sustained forests in Ecuador and Papua New Guinea.

We examine and sort, by hand, every sheet of wood that goes in our kits, this ensures, as far as is possible, that the best quality is used for each specific part.

Because we manufacture the kits ourselves we are able to replace any parts that are lost or broken, so, if you have an accident, or if you have lost a plan or instructions, if the dog/cat has eaten your balsa, a canopy is trodden on or if you experience any other problem with one of our kits, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our very best to offer help or advice whenever possible.